Out of Trouble | Drink Up Intensive | Clear Improvement

Origins are hands down one of my favourite skincare brands. I was initially introduced to them at a fairly young age as due to an older best friend I started wearing makeup far too young. My Mum always ensured I had a good skincare routine to counteract the makeup I was pilling onto my face and one of those first routines was with Origins. I used their Checks and Balances for years and even dabbled with their Zero Oil Toner and Never A Dull Moment Exfoliator. As I grew up so did my skincare needs and Checks and Balances became too harsh for my skin so I drifted away from the brand. However, the past couple of years (especially the past year) my love for the brand has resurfaced and a the above three masks have become staples in my skincare routine.

Clear Improvement is one of the first masks I got. I received a little sample bottle and since then I knew we would be lifelong friends! I picked up the full size back in November 2011 and now it is getting towards it’s last legs. Considering go through phases of using this a couple of times a month depending on how my skin is faring up, it has lasted pretty darn well! This does a brilliant job of clearing out any imperfections, getting rid of any dirt and grime and giving your face a real detox.

Drink Up Intensive was the second mask I got from Origins. On recommendation from Caroline (skincare guru don’t you know!) she suggests this product for people with dehydrated skin. She has a blog post all about the differences between dry and dehydrated skin which not only makes you fully understand what each one is, it made me realise that my skin is in fact dehydrated! I pretty much instantly rushed out to pick this up and haven’t looked back since. I slathered this on at night and my skin literally drinks it all up. The next morning I wake up to plump and happy looking skin.

Out of Trouble is the most recent mask I picked up from Origins. Thanks to a plethora of breakouts and bad looking skin I snapped this up thanks to pretty much every bloggers rave of this ‘wonder mask’. Smelling like I have coated my skin in a thick later of Vicks this mask really does help to banish the blemish and remove any redness in my skin. Spots do not instantly disappear but this mask does help to minimise them and treats them so they run away faster.

If you are looking for a new mask or something to try from Origins, the above three would be a perfect addition to your skincare routine. Whether it is detoxing, hydrating or just plain spot fighting there is an Origins mask to fit the bill!