Origins Out of Trouble Mask – £20

The past couple of weeks my skin has decided to take a turn for the, well let’s just say, spotty. Over Christmas I had the chance to relax at home and this worked wonders for my skin. It instantly cleared up and became a zero problem zone – who knew stress could be such a pest?! This was bliss as it meant I was able to strip my makeup back and reach for only the lightweight and natural products. Sadly thought this brief stint of glowing and blemish free skin didn’t makes it’s way back to Bournemouth and the full swing of work. Since returning to my dark and windowless office (hello cause for SAD!) my skin has flared up. Not a normal couple of blemish flaring though, nope! This time my skin has decided to get lots of little breakouts all over my forehead and chin. All hail the fringe! As I hadn’t made any drastic changes to my skincare routine I instead rushed out and picked up this mask .

The Out of Trouble mask is a 10 minute rescue for problem skin. I do have a couple of detoxing masks such as the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask and the Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque but I wanted something specifically for breakouts as I wanted mine to be banished! This is a thick white consistency and as soon as I applied it I thought I had smothered my face in Vicks Cold and Flu Rub. Luckily I hadn’t reached for the wrong pot in my sleepy haze and instead this mask just has a strong smell of menthol. After left for 10 minutes on my skin I removed the mask to find my skin looking a lot less oily. Considering the menthol smell and absorbing ingredients of Zinc Oxide and Sulfur, my skin wasn’t left feel striped or dry. Instead any sign of excess oil had gone and by morning those pesky spots were a lot less visible.Yes this doesn’t instantly remove every sign of blemish on your skin but it does do a great job of helping them to vanish quicker.

If your skin is playing up, has dived onto the side of oily or you just need something to sort out anything lurking under the skin – this is the mask for you!