MAC Diva | Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in 307 L’Impatiente | Aveda Nourish-Mint Smoothing Lip Colour in 410 Wild Plum* | L’Oreal Magnetic Coral 407

I have been loving vampy lipsticks recently and have fallen for how their dark and intense colour can instantly give your face that extra va va voom and complete a makeup look. My main lipstick obsession used to be in the category ‘anything nude’ but recently I have been embracing the darker, bolder and more powerful lipsticks. The above are my top picks and pretty much my go to lipsticks in these colder seasons. They also go perfectly with a little black dress for cocktails out with the girls!

At the top of the swatches is MAC’s Diva. This is pretty much the more berry and intense version of it’s slightly purple toned sister Chanel L’Impatiente (which is sitting next to it on the above swatches). This is the darkest lipstick I own and the most vampy. It packs an intense opaque colour that does a pretty decent job of lasting on your lips. You just have to be careful as if you smudge it, it leaves a mark! Next up on the list is the Chanel beauty I blogged about a couple of weeks ago (link above). This gives a more sheer colour on your lips so is perfect if you want to vamp it up but without being too OTT. This is a more purple tone as opposed to rich berry wine colour and can be a tad drying so is best to prime your lips if you plan on popping this on.

The next two lipsticks move away from the dark berry colour yet give you that bit of vamp in a different shade. The Aveda Lip Colour in 410 Wild Plum is the perfect daytime colour and I wore it to death in the lead up to Christmas. It gives you that subtle darkness but is much more wearable and easier to apply. It also has a hint of mint which makes your lips feel fresh after application. The last colour is a bit different and sat unloved for far too long. The L’Oreal Magnetic Coral Lipstick came out in a collection last year and initially the burst of coral put me off and I pretty much forgot about it. Luckily I found a flame of admiration for it throughout this vampy phase and love it’s unique colour of coral that packs a punch on the lips without looking to 60s (hello bright blue eyeshadow!). It is also super moisturising so is great to apply if your lips are a bit on the dry side.

Needless to say my lips have been vamping it up in a big way and even red lipsticks have made more of a appearance recently!  It is definitely time to embrace the bold and go where no other lipstick has gone before!

*pr sample