Today I was meant to talk to you about serums. A riveting 300+ words about the ones I’m putting to the test whilst attempting to reignite my love for this forgotten step in my skincare routine. Instead though I want to talk to you about being badass, specially us independent, confident career woman and how we should be incredibly proud.

I say us because the blogging and vlogging world is bursting to the seams with kickass woman starting their own companies and turning their websites/channels into a popular and successful brands. Even for those who aren’t in this industry, we are hearing of more female CEO’s crashing through that glass ceiling whilst making themselves known. Yes, this still isn’t smashed in every industry but we are getting there and that feels pretty awesome.

Yes being a career woman isn’t for everyone, but I’ve always been a massive cheerleader of people chasing their goals and doing what makes them happy. Secondly, I’m not sure about you but the mums/new mums I know are pretty badass in my eyes. Not only are we juggling more, doing more & learning more, we are redefining the path for our children and our children’s children.

I don’t know if these words are formulating a cohesive thought process in my current sleep deprived state, but I’m feeling empowered. Empowered by the constantly awesome things us badass woman are doing. Not only that, how much we as individuals can push ourselves and strive to achieve. Just look at Barbara’s video for example, after working her socks off over the last few years she has graduated and is now working within her dream field and couldn’t be happier.

Me personally, I’ve never been the most self confident of people and I still joke on the daily about the fact I’ll never truly be an adult. But there I am each day presenting myself, and the company I work, for in front of clients with confidence. I’ve always be determined and granted that doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but I guess if anything I want you to read this and know to never doubt yourself. Push yourself through adversity, push yourself to learn and take those risks. Yes they can be scary but boy do they open some pretty awesome doors. Embrace that inner drive, own your badass woman crown and be proud.

P.S let me know if you still want to see the serums post another day!