de-puffing eyes

Whenever I’m lacking in sleep, feeling a tad hungover or simply suffering from allergies, the first tell tale sign is my puffy eyes. Naturally my eyes are sensitive and over the years I’ve always struggled to control their puffy demeanour. Travelling especially plays havoc with how puffy they get so whenever I’m heading off on a long haul flight I always ensure I have these fab cooling products in tow to quickly and effectively calm my eyes down.

The Mask – if you’ve seen any of my packing videos checkout my holiday packing playlist here you’ll know one of my hero products is the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. I pack them in my carry on bag, in my suitcase and even rock them on the plane to care for my tired out eyes. You get two perfectly sized patches that you place underneath your eyes to help cool and brighten dark circles. 10 minutes is all you need and afterwards my eyes feel instantly refreshed.

The Heavy Duty Fixer – if I need something that packs more of a cooling punch, I reach for the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox Depuffing Eye Cubes. Here you get an individual cube that you place into a muslin bag and then hold over your eyes to work it’s cooling magic. To use, simply pop the pod into the freezer until solid, then hold across your eyes to tone, tighten and lift area. Although these are a little trickier to travel with, I’ve always got a couple in the freezer ready to go for whenever my eyes need a kickstart to wake up.

The Portable Friend – sometimes you just need something you can pop into your handbag when you get caught out in the middle of an allergic reaction. For this you’ll always find the Clinique All About Eyes De-Puffing Eye Massage stowed away in my bag. It’s got a cooling rollerball top that dispenses the product as you roll it around you eye. Instantly my eyes feel more awake, they are brighter and more importantly, those puffy signs are reduced.

What are your go to products when suffering with dry or puffy eyes?