When it comes to fitness, motivation is that key word causing either a euphoric high that leaves you skipping towards the gym or instead creates the first stumbling block when trying to even get yourself out the house. We all know fitness is good. It gets our heart beating, blood pumping around our body and those happy endorphins bubbling around, so why can it be so difficult to undertake something that we know is so good? My history with fitness resembles hill interval climbs. I’ve been a gym fanatic in the past, had a PT for before and undertaken a couch to 5k app which I loved. But in-between those bouts of fitness comes the subsequent lazy, unmotivated and unhealthy periods of time that can be killer to kick.

Since moving our family home last October I’ve struggled to get back into any routine. With a limited train service and ridiculously long commute I’ve slid into a comfortable rut of doing nothing. I’m too tired in the morning to get up any earlier and my eyes are practically closed by the time I get in the house at night. Believe me, I’m the first person to tell you if you wanna do something, just do it, but I hold my hands up and admit these past few months have been a struggle. So instead of allowing this routine to become the norm for any longer I thought I would share a few motivational ideas when it comes to fitness that has pushed me back into breaking a sweat.

  • Find a class you love – One of the biggest changes in my fitness routine usually circles around finding something I love. Whether that be a new gym, new class or new instructor. It’s easy to fall into a rut but by switching up your routine you can reignite that passion
  • Do it with friends – Sometimes the best motivation is knowing your workout will be with a friend. Whether you are trying a new class together or sharing a post-work workout, flying solo can be tricky so teaming up with a friend helps to boost those motivation levels
  • Convenience = routine – At times you just have to go for what is most convenient. We all know that trying to shoehorn in a class when you are tired/on the opposite side of London just won’t work. Don’t set yourself up for a fail before you’ve even began, look for those classes that are easy to get to and you’ll find your attendance quickly spike
  • Be realistic – Similar to convenience you need to be realistic with what you can do. Joined a new gym? Chances are you won’t be going 5 times a week. Know you limits and identify areas where you can push yourself. I find that sticking to my limits means I don’t kickstart a new routine feeling its unachievable and sometimes I even surprise myself and go more!
  • Get the gear – Now I’m not talking kitting out your spare room into a mini at home gym, instead I find picking up a few new pieces whether that be a top, leggings or even socks helps to motivate me to get out the house and onto the cross trainer. Something about wanting to showcase my new purchases or make the most of a Lululemon top that broke the bank, simply grabbing a new item of clothing can help push you across that line and into the gym

What are your motivational tips when it comes to fitness? Also that Varley jumper is the most comfortable thing in the world.