concealer & powder edit

You know those products you rely on daily, they can be forgotten about thanks to their naturally engrained status in your daily routine that you simply forget to share. Neglecting their brilliance and forgetting to showcase your faves. I thought today I would put a little spotlight on some of those products and share the love for my favourite concealers and powders. FYI these are just my normal concealers for redness, blemishes etc. Under eye concealers are a whole other kettle of fish!

Budget – I know. Again. Snore. It’s the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder. But honestly, if you haven’t already bought this, it’s the best damn budget powder you will ever use and does a seriously good job of blotting away the shine.

Luxe – Ah who remembers the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powders? An instant hit as soon as they were released I managed to get through an entire pan and repurchased. One of those reformulated powders that breaks away from the traditional ‘cakey’ mould, you get a finely milled product that glides onto the skin. This is one of the powders I keep inside my handbag makeup pouch as find it’s subtle hint of coverage patches over any sparse areas throughout the day.

I know, a bit sneaky to have two luxury concealers but I just haven’t found a budget one for my face that I love. I’d class the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer as luxe as its hard for us UK gals to get our hands on and isn’t actually that budget. Here you get some serious full coverage whilst still packing the moisture. For days when I just need something gone, this is what a reach for. It’s a fab way of getting coverage but without fearing the cake face!

Bought at the same time as my HG concealer, the Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher has forever been placed as second best. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice enough product, housed in gorgeous rose gold packaging with a slightly steeper price point pushing this into the luxe category. It’s a twist up pen style product that dispenses just the right amount of concealer to cover any redness or imperfections. Shade match is one of the best I’ve found and I love to use this for touchups throughout the day.

Holy Grail – The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. Ever since these first launched nothing else has compared. Their photoshop filter diffusing properties blurs over any imperfects to leave complexions flawless without feeling heavy on the skin. I’ve had multiple, I still love them and honestly haven’t found anything better.

If you’re surprised to see the Urban Decay Naked Weightless Skin of Amazement Concealer making an appearance here – seriously where have you been?! At times I think about trying something new but figure a blog post of me saying ‘it’s just not as good’ isn’t as boring as me raving about it everyday of the week. When you come across one of those products that are quite simply awesome, there is nothing wrong with singing about it from the rooftops. Since this I’ve never gone back to the NARS Radiant Skin concealer and I’ve already repurchased my second. And I only have a picture of the packaging as I’m waiting for my new one to arrive in the post!

What are your favourite powders and concealers that you reach for on the daily?