Skincare Before a Big Day

Today I’m off to the Northern part of the UK to celebrate a friends wedding. I find that whenever I’ve got a big event in the calendar, whether that be a wedding, birthday, celebration or just a time when I need my skin to behave, I find I go in with a more extended skincare routine the night before to ensure my skin is prepped and taken care of. This is where a triple threat facial comes into action, using three different masks together to give you a radiance boost, deep cleanse followed up by a hydrating finish. The products I reach for depend on how my skin is behaving but I thought I would show you what I reached for last night whilst getting into prep mode.

Throughout the day before said event, I always ensure my hydration levels are fully maximised. There is nothing worse then awaking with dry, dehydrated skin when you know you need your makeup to last. To keep my skin feeling soft & supple I spritz the Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Mist religiously. You guys know I love this stuff anyway but it does a fab job of keep any potential dry patches at bay. When it comes to mask time I kick things off with the Oskia Renaissance Mask. The best brightening mask I own you get a buttery balm consistency that buffs away imperfections whilst boosting radiance thanks to the natural fruit acids inside.

Stepping things up a gear next it’s time for the Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Mask. An oldy but a goody I love this mask for when my skin has been a tad hit and miss. I’ve got a few hormonal breakouts along my chin alongside slightly red & sensitive cheeks. I find this mask cares for each area as you’ve got purified clay to draw out impurities alongside aloe vera to prevent your skin feeling tight. Before it’s time to hit the hay and get your beauty rest I grab the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Mask. Oh man do I love this mask and it does a beaut job of hydrating my skin whilst soothing any sensitive areas. Sometimes I leave this on for 10 mins and remove but last night I applied a thin layer and let it works it’s magic overnight. The next day I then awake with plump & happy looking skin ready for a whole lotta makeup!