blogging whilst on holiday

So you’ve got a holiday in the diary, not only are you juggling the fear of shorts, strappy tops and whether you have anything to wear by the pool, you’ve also got a blog to look after. It can be tricky stuff especially for those of us that are a one man band. Do we pre-schedule enough content to cover our trip away? Do we share holiday updates whilst gallivanting around in a different time zone or do we simply have a break? It can be tough knowing what to do, battling against the desire to keep up with a schedule vs enjoying a well earned break. Especially if you are a full-timer, not everyone can afford a hiatus in content.

Whether you are planning to keep to schedule or simply share a handful of posts whilst away, here are a few tips and tricks I’ve found over the past 6 years of blogging when it comes to holiday time alongside looking after your blog:

  • Plan & Schedule – we all know that in the current world of blogging everyone schedules their posts, videos, tweets, social media links the list really is endless. Although I do this on the daily a holiday is a whole other ball game. I like to get organised with a list of all the days I know I’ll be away and therefore what content needs to be organised in advance. I’ve gotta admit I’m not always the best at this and find myself not always sticking to ‘the plan’ however it does help me feel more prepared
  • Beware of the timezones – this has caught me out a couple of times especially when scheduling a YouTube video. It’s always worth doing a timezone check before you hit that schedule button just so you can be sure what time you content really is going live
  • Photograph in bulk – as I don’t like to plan every single post for whilst I’m away I personally feel it removes the spontaneity of blogging I instead photograph on bulk so I have lots of pictures to choose from enabling to select what I want to talk about that day
  • Be honest – there is nothing wrong about being on holiday and taking some time out! I know I’ve spoken before about how social media is taking over and preventing content creators from every having a proper day off, and I stick with that. Your blog, your rules. If you want to take the week off you should, never feel the pressure to post on the daily and make sure you get take time to enjoy your break otherwise you’ll never really feel like you’ve been away
  • Switch up your content or routine – following on from this previous post you need to be flexible whilst you are away. Not everything will go to plan and be scheduled for the exact time you want. Just take a deep breath, remember you are only human and embrace the chance to switch up your routine and content
  • Take a break – at the end of the day you are on holiday so take a break! We are only human and you aren’t expected to maintain a full schedule whilst lapping up those sea salt waves. Holidays don’t happen every day so make sure you step away from your blog, leave your laptop in the hotel room and take that time to switch off, relax and enjoy the break. It enables you to return to your blog more refreshed and recharged