are blogs dying

Something pretty shocking happened the other day, I checked my Bloglovin unread count and it was hitting the high 700’s. Never before has the number been that high, a mere 300 unread posts would result in a shock induced blog reading sesh to clear through the stash. But it’s true something has changed. Even though I’m a blogger & a content creator, my love for reading blogs has diminished. Honestly, my stats are at an all time low but how can I complain when I myself have stopped reading the very content I create?

Does this in fact mean blogs are dying? Content creators are booming with popular Instagram accounts tempting us with their lavish lifestyles, then we have Snapchat quickly on its heels. These more instantaneous content platforms have surpassed everyones expectations in terms of popularity, so where does this leave the humble blog? Those of us who focus all our efforts & content into this singular platform, will we forever be left chasing behind? Is there a way to switch up the traditional blogging format to integrate it more with these newer platforms? Or will readership continue to fall and fade away?

Right now I don’t have the answers. We can all see that the money gets made by being a social influencer, huge bloggers move to the world of YouTube and their once humble blog gets forgotten about in the midst, but what about those of us that don’t want that? That just want to blog? Yes it can be disheartening if the volumes of people heading to your site each day keeps getting smaller, but remember what counts. People are looking, reading, commenting and engaging. Surely at the end of the day that’s all that matters? Everything else is just a bonus. As long as you are having fun & love your content ease off that pressure dial.

Blogs are evolving and finding their new place amongst the social dominated world we all currently live in. Everyone is embarking on this wild journey together and I’m saying don’t give up hope. Who knows what the next big thing will be and where all this will be in five years time. I’m just hoping that this incredible world will still have a place for the humble blog as you’ve gotta admit, they are pretty awesome :)