I wrote this post the other day on the train back from work after seeing a couple of tweets that got my brain whirling. The following is a bit of a brain dump but I hope it provides a spot of clarity in moments when it’s hard to remember all that you’ve achieved.

It can be hard. Working your butt off yet watching other people grab those golden opportunities with what appears like an effortless stance. We all know we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, it only leaves us feeling disheartened and apologising for our ‘smaller’ success however with others flying past at rocket speed what do you do when you can’t keep up? I’ve always been extremely honest & open with my limits, not being able to invest more hours into my content or social channels naturally leads to slower progression however I’m still able to interact with amazing people who appreciate the content I do produce.

But what do you do when you feel like everyone is ahead? The opportunities have dried up? Your content isn’t enough anymore. Do you give up? Do you make way for the ‘popular kids’ knowing the chances of you ever being one of them is slim to none? Heck no! Don’t let other people’s success determine yours. Just because someone is being flashy and promoting their new designer purchase or free holiday doesn’t mean they are sitting on a golden thrown of happiness & success.  Everyone has different goals. Just because one person is getting married whilst buying their first family home doesn’t stop them from getting jealous of the single friend who has the luxury of spending their money on a whirlwind holiday. People in glass houses, grass being greener and all those classic sayings that still reign true.

Success should be measured on your own personal happiness. Are you happy with the content you produce knowing the time you have available each week? Are you happy with your job, career, circle of friends? Just because someone projects that perfect lifestyle doesn’t mean there aren’t struggles hidden underneath. Do you actually know what they’ve sacrificed to be there? With thousands of successful people now more accessible then ever thanks so social media it’s easy to see a handful of girls living life better than you. In those moments just remember what you’ve achieved. What really are your goals and what is it you want from life. Yes it would be nice to parade around with a golden tan, designer clothes & a editor boyfriend on our arms but life is so much more. Don’t let the glossy pictures throw you off and remember every day you are working to better yourself is a day you get a big fat golden star.