We all know how it feels, gearing up with the best intentions to get your booty moving again and your heart pumping but failing at the very first hurdle. We all lead such busy lives that finding the time can feel near on impossible. I hear ya. Walking through the door at 8pm after a long day in the office doesn’t inspire you to swap your slippers for trainers and head out the house. But all is not lost! Here are a few exercises/classes that I’ve found work best around a busy lifestyle meaning you can feel the burn without needing an extra day in your week (however if anyone would like to dish one out I’m totally on board!)

Weights – when I saw a PT a couple of years back I picked up a set of dumbbells, a resistance band & a kettle bell so I could continue my training sessions from the comfort of my own home. This means you really have no excuse! You don’t have to leave the house, you don’t need any fancy equipment, even if it’s just a 20 minute kettle bell routine you’ve at least got off the sofa, moved your body and got in a mini workout.

Psycle – since joining Psycle over a year ago this has been my favourite class & form of exercise. Over in their Mortimer Street home they offer classes throughout the day meaning if you are looking for a weekend session or a post work workout, they’ve got you covered. As each class is motivating, fun and set to an incredible playlist I’ve found it’s the only exercise class I can bring myself to do after a long day at work. Heck sometimes I even find myself looking forward to them!

Running – if you aren’t afraid to pound the pavement getting out for a run is a fab way to burn some extra calories and get your heart pumping. No equipment, fees or time restrictions are in place here, simply get out the house and go. Personally I find running really daunting however have used the couch to 5k app in the past which is just perfect. It’s a great way to get a non-runner out of the house and before you know it you’ll be clocking up 20 minutes without needing a walking break.

24 Hour Gyms – anyone who lives near a city centre will know all about 24 hour gyms that have been popping up. Not the most glamorous of places, for the style you forfeit you do get convenience. Literally open 24 hours a day, if you’re an early bird catching a workout at 5.30am before work (you are a better person than I am!) you’ve got a gym available. Even those night owls can head over late in the evening. This gives you the most amount of option when looking to head to the gym but beware, the facilities aren’t going to be the most fancy!

Park Exercise Groups – if you find you need a group of people to help motivate, park sessions are brilliant. Gaining in popularity you’ll often see a handful of people huddled around come Saturday or Sunday morning all working out together. You can vibe off the people around you whilst breathing in some fresh (debatable in London!) air. You’ll also learn a few nifty workout that you can give a go at home or in your own garden.

What are you favourite exercises or classes to take part in when you are strapped for time?