brow kits

Breaking news – I’m a brow convert! In the past four weeks I’ve gone from someone that would ignore their brows on a daily occurrence to someone who is rocking a stronger brow bush proudly. You see I’ve always had fairly non de-script brows, not overly dark, not strong in shape, they just existed without much fuss or attention being paid to them. At times I would run a coloured gel through them when I was feeling particularly fancy but never allowed them to steal my attention for long.

That was until I last got them tinted. A process I try and book in on the regular, my last appointment left me with sharp, defined brows that held their own and demanded attention. I loved it and ever since I’ve been paying those two parts of my face a lot more attention. In a bid to amp up the drama my usual Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Brown or Soap & Glory Archery Pen have been pushed to the side and instead I’ve been reaching for the palettes and the powders.

Not only does this give a spot of variety when it comes to my brow selection it also allows me to build up that defined look with ease. Take the HD Brows Palette in 002 Foxy* for example, you get four shades alongside a wax to allow you to sculpt each hair to perfection. Want something that offers a warmer spectrum? Try the Hi Impact Brows Kit* which again delivers 4 shades however this time you don’t loose out to that light highlight colour. Looking for something more budget? Don’t worry you’ll still be covered with the likes of the Seventeen Brows That Kit* that offers variety in one small palette.

With brows being a personal thing having a kit that allows you to operate the Cara Delevingne level ensures you are in the driving seat. Whether you want intense & dramatic or soft and defined, the kit gives you that option. Alongside tending to my brows I also love having one of these kits on holiday. Not only does it keep my ‘brows on fleek’ yes I went there, each shade also doubles up as a fab matte shadow. Needless to say I’m 100% in the brow game and have been loving the slightly stronger brow look.

*pr sample