makeup spring clean

That minimalist lifestyle is so cool right now. Gone are the days of hoarding all the things, instead those surrounded by their consumerism lifestyle are frowned upon with the ‘ditch the stuff’ gals hailed as the new cool chicks on block. In a world where lifestyles around the world are accessible on social media, you suddenly know the ins & outs of someones wardrobe, even if that person lives on the other side of the world. Not only does this instantly connect strangers, it makes you very aware of how the other half live.

The rise of beauty blogging & vlogging initially created the infamous collection videos where one individual would parade their incomprehensibly large collection around to millions. Viewers would lust over the ability to own thousands of glosses knowing that in reality, each one would end up unused & going off. Now the tables have turned and instead we have a community of influencers sharing their beauty purges to rid themselves of all that stuff.

If you follow me over on my YouTube channel oh look here’s a link come join the party! I recently shared my Wear Your Makeup Challenge. Nope this wasn’t a weird ploy to get you to put loads of makeup on your face, instead it’s a challenge to myself and you to commit to wearing each item of makeup you own to really test whether you liked it and should keep it. Trust me it’s hard, hard to let go of the things and ignore that voice in your head screaming ‘oh but what if I decide to get back into teal eyeliner therefore need these 4 options just incase’. But trust me on this, once you start you can’t stop and afterwards, you feel so much better – bit like a big old bag of maltesers  ;)

This Easter weekend take out an hour, sit down with your collection (no matter how big or small) and challenge yourself to look at what you really like and more importantly, what you really wear. Anything unused, donate otherwise anything still within date & good condition, share with friends & family. Our tastes change, our makeup needs alter so take this time to break free from the overwhelming stash, embrace the one face you have and all that extra space you have. The picture above is my ‘bin’ pile after a Friday night Spring clean. No, I don’t hate all of these products but I haven’t reached for them in the past month therefore I know I won’t use them in the future. Come join in me in feeling cleansed of all your beauty stash!