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Where do I even begin this blog post? Every time I think back to the glorious day that was Saturday 20th February 2016 I am greeted with the spike of fresh tears filling up in my eyes. One of my best friends got married, I was a bridesmaid and it was magical. A day I want to relive a thousand times over with pictures I’ve already looked back over a hundred times. I feel in a state of blissful content so apologies if this isn’t the most eloquent and put together post that you see from me! Before attempting to get back into ‘normal’ day to day life with some serious post wedding blues I thought I would share a few tips & tricks from the day as I was granted the honour of doing the bridesmaids, mother of the bride & bride’s makeup on the day squeal!

  • Overpacking is encouraged – my biggest fear come the big day was forgetting something. What if the blusher wasn’t holding up? Are we sure we loved the lip combo? After packing up the bridal makeup I then proceeded to pack an ’emergency’ kit of products I loved so we had a number of just in case options on hand
  • Plan, plan & plan – honestly, the more you plan the more stress free the day will be. My friend and I did two makeup trials ahead of the big day and I had written the entire process down twice including the brushes I used and in what order. Having this plan in place meant that ahead of the wedding I knew exactly what needed to be done
  • Makeup trials are key – following on from planning, get those makeup trials booked in. Whether it’s just so you can get used to being that up close and personal with your friends or simply to know they are happy with the look you’ve put together. We started off with a makeup trial at Space NK which I then recreated twice ahead of the big day
  • Get in that early skincare routine – makeup is half the battle, if you don’t invest in a good skincare routine you’ll have a fight with foundation to get the look you desire. By having the Space NK trial seven months pre-wedding it meant my friend knew exactly where she needed to focus her attention. Dehydration and tired eyes were quickly kicked into action then come the big day her skin was glowing
  • Keep it natural – my friend doesn’t wear makeup day to day which meant it was vital she still looked herself walking down the aisle. The makeup trials not only got her used to wearing a heavier amount of makeup, it meant that she could feel confident knowing what she will look like on her big day and that she could trust I wouldn’t make her into a glam queen no one would recognise!
  • Don’t rush – honestly take your time. My friend being the super keen organisational gal just like myself planned the day to the second. This ensured we had plenty of time for the makeup and we actually ended up running ahead of schedule too!
  • Gimme that musiak – on the day of the wedding we turned the bridesmaid room into the makeup haven. Not only did this give us a bit of space away from the hustle & bustle of where the hair was being done, it meant we had a chilled & relaxed atmosphere alongside a place to play some of our old favourite ‘getting ready’ songs

Let me know if you would like to see some more posts about the bridal/bridesmaid makeup. I think there are a few snaps of me ‘at work’ so will share those once they are sent over!