blog update

It has officially been five weeks since I’ve stepped back from the daily blogging treadmill and changed up my content schedule to four posts a week. Doesn’t sound like a drastic difference granted, but I still wanted to share a little update of how I’ve found the past month and shift in my blogging routine. You see for over two years I was firmly in the daily blogger camp, writing up posts seven days a week come rain, shine or sleep deprivation. The routine was so ingrained in my lifestyle it became the norm. How did I commit to such a strict schedule? It was daily life and all that I knew. That being said just because something is the norm doesn’t mean things can’t change. With a shift in media consumption, a worldwide move towards YouTube and away from blogs, readership across the board fell so I took this opportunity to shake things up.

This change up in schedule gave myself and my content a chance to breath allowing for more creative features to be shared. My thoughts to far? I wish I had done it sooner, honestly! Not because I get more ‘free time’ as for me, blogging is my free time, however it does mean I have more space to think, seek inspiration and plan. Doesn’t this mean my stats have dropped? Truth be told I’ve stopped checking. Instead I’ve been enjoying engaging in the comments section under each post and video with all you lovely people. Stats can be a dangerous game, the first port towards comparing yourself to others. This isn’t my full time job, I shouldn’t be the same as everyone else and by having a bit of creative freedom I’ve been able to let go from those more negative side thoughts.

My advice to you if you’re looking to switch things up, do it. Your blog is yours and the more connected you feel with your online space the more people will want to visit. Don’t blog daily because you ‘have to’, don’t stop because you feel left behind. Simply create content that you feel passionate about as the numbers game grows old real fast. You never know what goes on behind closed doors, try not to get lulled in by the false sense of ‘pretty’ and ‘perfect’. Be yourself as that is wonderful :) I hope this encourages you to take back the reigns and be in the driving seat. It can be hard to know what’s right or wrong so the best bet? Do what makes you happy.