new in oskia skincare

It’s no surprise that Oskia are one of my favourite skincare brands so when news broke of two new additions being added to the already fabulous Renaissance line up, I couldn’t be more excited. Get prepared to get giddy from skincare as today is all about the brand spanking new Renaissance Brightlight* and Renaissance 360*. Starting with the serum you get a concentrated product that delivers targeted care against pigmentation, dark spots & sun damage. Alongside that, as you would expect from any Renaissance product, there is plenty of skin brightening and illuminating properties to keep those complexions glowing.

You get a pipet style formula, one squeeze is enough and I’ve been using it night and day before my moisturiser of choice. So far I haven’t seen all the pigmentation claims at work because I’m only a handful of weeks into trying this out, however I have noticed my skin looks more glowing and as a result I reach for less concealer come the morning. It has also helped brighten those areas where my complexion tends to go a tad sallow.

Onto the moisturiser and you have a vitamin rich day cream that targets those early signs of ageing. Now, although I wouldn’t class myself as someone who is adverse to those signs, I have noticed the closer I get to the big 3-0 my skin isn’t quite what it used to be. Dryness is setting in and those lines around my eyes are definitely becomes more pronounced then I would like! Whats fab about this new moisturiser is that it improves skins elasticity, reduces fine lines alongside increasing hydration.

Recently I’ve been using the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream* in the AM to give my complexion that boost of moisture it’s been craving however the Renaissance 360 has a dousing more hydration whilst combating those signs of ageing I would be happy to be reversed! Both items are pricey, sadly good skincare can be, however I happy to spend that dollar if I know the product is going to deliver and I haven’t bee disappointed by Oskia once yet.

Both of these items are available for preorder and will be launched by the end of the week :)

*pr sample