best travel palettes

Whenever a brand releases a top travel palette you’ll find me whooping with my arms in the air whilst clapping with excitement. Overkill? Potentially, however I find a good travel palette to be invaluable. As beauty addicts we all know how easy it is to overpack, talking ourselves into the need to bring 12 lipsticks away for a weekend trip. But what if we decide to rock an intense purple lip, who knows when an evening might call for a red?! A girls gotta have options ;) Thats why I adore a good travel palette, enabling the weight on my luggage to sit at a more healthy number whilst giving me options to prevent a beauty panic whilst away.

The Face – this is the category where overpacking happens in full force. Contour, bronzer, blush, powder need I say more? When the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit got released the beauty world swoon. Yes the price is ridiculous and you don’t get value for money here, you do however get powders, bronzers and blush in a single easy to pack palette with a big mirror. For those plane hoppers this is a must. Looking for something more purse friendly? Grab the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Compact* which gives you a blush, bronzer and highlight all in one.

The Eyes – when it comes to eyes you’re pretty much covered. Most palettes offer up a wide range of shades, shapes and palette sizes to suit a multitude of needs. For this category I could reel off a number of palettes I adore however when it comes to the best, this super tiny Smashbox offering wins every time. You see the Full Exposure Travel Palette gives you 8 shades in the most cute and dainty packing that fits in the palm of your hand. Yes a few cracks have appeared simply as it is so well traveled but you get a fab range of shimmers, mattes, nudes and a silver to create a smoked out evening or daytime look.

The Multipurpose – if you’re looking for a palette that gives you shadows, blush and powders all in one the packaging quickly begins to bulk up and becomes less travel friendly. Luckily Tarte are here to our rescue with a variety of palettes that include shadows, blush and a few brow products. Pictured is the Be Mattenificient Amazonian Coloured Clay Matte Eye & Cheek Palette however both the Rainforest After Dark Palette and the Energy Noir Clay Palette offer up a similar combo. You get their fab long lasting formula within a travel friendly size and a decent double ended brush.

What are your favourite palettes when it comes to travelling?

*pr sample