Doesn’t ‘the final instalment’ give todays weekly update a rather ominous feel! As I mentioned over in this blog post I’m switching things up here on AGAABB. Part of this change in programmed scheduling includes the end of ‘This Week I’ve Been…’ posts. Previously titled ‘My Week in Pictures’, update posts are a feature I’ve been running since this blog very first started. A way to look back, catchup and share a few life events, I’ve been updating you on my weekly musings way back since 14th November 2010, 263 articles in total!

Although I won’t be sharing my Instagram snaps weekly, that doesn’t mean the lifestyle element is being lost. Instead I’m hoping the shift in routine will actually open up the space and time to focus more on lifestyle posts as and when events happen. I will still be updating my Instagram account, follow me over @agirlandabeautyblog to see what I’m getting up to and who knows, there may be the occasional monthly roundup ;)

This Week I’ve Been…

Taking sneaky NYE selfies – it wouldn’t be a New Year’s Eve without at least a single selfie being captured…right?! Even if it was just to check whether the dark Lolita Liquid Lipstick was okay ;)

Ogling the latest Hourglass launch – yes. You read that right. NEW Hourglass. Let’s all just take a moment to compose ourselves. Ready? As there are four Ambient Strobe Lighting Powders hitting the market and oh buddy I can already tell one of these will be coming home with me!

Praising & Other Stories – there is something about walking into a empty & Other Stories space, at the start of the day, whilst all the merchandising is put into their perfect home, that leaves you wanting everything. Each piece looks simply beautiful, especially when it holds that illusive sale tag!

Hosting a hen party – that is right today is finally the day of my friends hen party! Not only am I hosting, it is my very first hen party that I’ve attended. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan, everyone enjoys the day and we don’t run out of prosecco! The decorations are in place, the disposable cameras are ready to go, bring on the party :)

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