hen party

Next Saturday marks the day I will embark on my very first hen party. That I’ve organised. That’s right I’ve gone from hen party virgin to hostess hopefully with the mostest within the space of 24 hours. It’s been an interesting experience this whole hen business, with the second bridesmaid out in Dubai I’ve gone on a solo mission picking activities, designing invites and organising the day. Wanting to keep details a surprise from the bride I won’t go reveal too much but I wanted to share a few tips and tricks I’ve found out along the way to help out anyone who might be celebrating their very own hen party in 2016:

  • Make it personal – every bride is different. Although the majority of hen merchandise out on the market includes every type of phalic symbol known to man kind built into a pink plastic straw, that isn’t the route you have to take. Find out the brides favourite colours, aesthetic & activities so you can tailor make the day especially for them. I found it helpful to ask the bride what she loved and even didn’t like from hen parties she has been too
  • Go with your gut/You can’t please everyone – it can be easy to second guess or assume what people will or won’t like. If you try to please everyone you’ll quickly yourself with nothing to do a week before the big day. Stick with your gut, your instinct will steer you right and if it doubt seek advice from other friends that are going
  • Get organised – naturally I am an organised person but this is doubly important when planning an event. From tracking who has RSVPed, to who has paid/what you have left to pay, it is important to keep on top of everything. I put together a Google Doc where I tracked everything to the last detail and it meant I could update on the go and keep track
  • Budget is key – I planned with the bride the max amount she wanted each attendee to spend before doing any hen party research. By stipulating a budget from the start you know exactly what activities are within budget or not. Don’t forget to leave a bit of money for decorations or any personalised balloons/banners for the day
  • Don’t over plan – as much as you want the day to run smoothly, you can’t plan down to the second (believe me I tried). You want to keep things light, spontaneous and fun to allow people to relax in the actives and enjoy the day
  • Disposable cameras – to ensure you capture every moment thought the day and night I’ve picked up a few disposable camera to encourage everyone to snap away. You then get the fun of developing the pictures a week later to see what fun was had
  • Invite help – as much as you may want to be a one man band when it comes to party planning, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You want everyone to be able to partake in the special day, especially if one of the guests is a whiz at DIY decorations!
  • Games – I’m not talking pin the tail on the erotic picture here but it’s nice to have a few ice breaker games to bring the group together, especially if not everyone has met before. Whether it’s a classic round of Mr & Mrs or a word search based on the brides favourite things, having a few games in your back pocket can help to keep the activities flowing throughout the day

Have you been to or planned a hen party before? What are some of your favourite games or decorations that you’ve seen?