vita liberata

Change is afoot! Not only are we embarking on a brand new year (sick of hearing that yet?) the switch up I mentioned for AGAABB starts tomorrow! That’s right my normal scheduled programming of daily blog posts are coming to an end. I’m stepping down from the daily waggon, giving my content a chance to breathe and allowing myself some actual time. As much as I love daily blogging, it’s a routine I’ve been in for over two years. It’s time for an overdue switch up and with readership evolving I’m hoping this new format will allow me to branch out more whilst sharing higher quality content.

So what is the new schedule? Let me walk you through: there will still be blog posts coming to you at 7am every Monday & Wednesday alongside my weekly video that will be live at 7am every Friday. Then on Sundays I will be popping by with another post to round off the week. Nothing too groundbreaking and still regular content coming to you weekdays. Want to know when my latest post has been shared? Make sure you are subscribed over to my Bloglovin page which can be found here.

For my latest videos head over to my YouTube Channel here and hit that beautiful red subscribe button. You can also find me over on Twitter @girlbeautyblogFacebookInstagram @agirlandabeautyblog and Snapchat @girlbeautyblog to stay up to date with all my latest musings and beauty happens. Also if there is anything you would specifically like to see whether that be a blog post or video please let me know in the comments or send me a tweet and I will do my best to put it together :)

Thank you all for being such wonderful humans. I hope this Sunday is treating you well and I’ll see you again tomorrow!