christmas traditions
christmas traditions
christmas traditions

Whilst I’ve been holding my end of year catch ups with the team at work, I’ve been asking what people’s Christmas traditions are. From chicken soup in the morning to a Christmas Eve feast with beetroot soup and carp (obvs) it’s been fascinating to hear how people around the globe celebrate Christmas. As today marks the last Sunday before the big day I thought I would share some of my families traditions with you:

  • Dad and I buying the Christmas tree from our favourite garden centre complete with extraordinary fairy light displays
  • Christmas Eve lunch at the local pub, which now we’ve moved isn’t quite so local but nevertheless we are sticking with tradition and heading back
  • The final present which is put on the table for Christmas Day lunch
  • Eastenders. It’s the one day of the year where I religiously watch Eastenders. Wouldn’t be Christmas Day without it!
  • Christmas Eve drinks with old school friends where we all join together at a pub of choice to celebrate the festivities
  • Putting the angel on the tree is always left for me
  • My stocking which is the quilted stocking my mum made me as a baby that gets opened every year in her room tucked up in bed
  • Parsnips. Every year. Parsnips. Otherwise it’s not a Christmas lunch!
  • New pjs on Christmas Eve. A fairly newly tradition that I started myself to buy a new pair of pjs that I save especially for that night before Christmas
  • Mum and I carefully selecting a colour theme for the tree and then heading out to garden centres and shops to buy a few new baubles to add to our ever increasing collection
  • Festive socks. If you follow my snapchat you will already know that I like to rock a different pair of festive socks in the run up to Christmas Day

What are your families traditions?

*Late addition – on Boxing Day after our meal we gather up all the Christmas cards we have received, hand them over to my dad and he reads each one out. Always causes a few laughs!