one wash shadows

Something has changed in my makeup routine, something so drastic it has demanded it’s very own blog post. I jest, nothing that alarming is going on here apart form when it comes to shadows. You see I’ve always been the girl to wear shadow, whether it was back when I was working at my part time job in the local jewellery shop, blending four shades together for a lecture or spending half an hour on a cut crease for a night out, I’ve always loved experimenting and wearing shadow.

Over the past few months, call it laziness call it a shift in routine, I find myself gravitating towards my collection of one wash shadows. That’s right, one shade, one application, yet still achieving dimension, shape and colour. Praise the makeup gods! Not only does it dramatically reduce that time to get ready in the morning, my shadow still looks like I’ve spent half an hour blending with 12 different palettes. Seriously, my only regret is that I didn’t find these sooner ;)

Budget – we all know how good the L’Oreal Colour Riche Mono Eyeshadows are, how about the fact 200 Nude can be blended across the lid to give you rich colour and dimension throughout the day without the need of a second shadow? I know you’re gonna want to rush out and buy them all, I don’t blame you.

Pencil – if using a single shadow wasn’t speedy enough for those rushed mornings, try one that comes in pencil form. The Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in the shade Golden Bronze will give you all that bronzed up colour with the swipe of a stick. Luscious and deep tones are created from one application that can be built up in intensity if you are looking for something more sultry. Smokey eyes done!

Luxe – the two shadows that really got me into this whole ‘one wash’ routine was the NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Himalia and the Burberry Eyes Eye Colour in 002 Nude. Now I’ve gotta admit, these are pretty darn similar but the Burberry offering has a few more golden flecks to quantify a purchase. For those days when I’m looking for a bronzed lid without the faff, each of these will deliver without smudging by the time I’m home.

Uber Luxe – now I’m being a bit cheeky by including this one as technically you can’t get your hands on this however ask at a duty free and you might be left surprised. It’s the Tom Ford Cream Colour in Spiced and oh baby is this gorgeous. One application and all those eagerly waiting shadows will be pushed to the side as this is quite simply all you need. A unique rich golden brown that shimmers in the light to give dimension and range. Tom Ford I bow down to you!

Do you have any one wash shadows in your collection? Are your a fan of this more speedy routine?