Ah the illusive start of a New Year when we all wistfully look towards the next 12 months with bated breath and a pang of excitement. What will they hold? Will they bring the best or the worst of times? You are left with those impossible questions that can never truly be answered, especially when time quite simply flies past in a heartbeat. Why has no one invented that pause button yet!? A massive part of my plans for 2016 naturally include my blog, I will be celebrating my sixth year of this site alongside my first year on YouTube. A few big milestones on the cards but before January kicks in I wanted to take a moment to chat to you all, real talk style.

You see, without stating the obvious here, blogging has changed. The numbers game is more real than ever, readership is falling unless you have those heavyweight stats and you can be left struggling to keep up. I’ve blogged daily for over two years, alongside a full time job that can demand 16 hour days. I’ve got so swept up in the routine and need to blog daily that I’ve quite literally got stuck. Stuck on the treadmill going 100 miles an hour leaving me worried that if I change everything will stop. I love my blog and this creative outlet that I am so passionate about but it’s time for a switch up.

Priorities are changing, the way we all consume content is evolving and I need to understand my limits. I physically can’t improve my content or social media presence whilst trying to keep up with this face paced daily blogging routine. As much as I’m proud of what I produce that doesn’t change the fact that trends are changing, we are in the era of video, Instagram is booming and it will only be a matter of time before Snapchat is monetised. If I want to improve and grow, somethings gotta give.

To breathe fresh life into my routine and give time for content to be more curated I’m cutting back. Not disappearing, don’t think I could ever do that, but I’m stepping down from the daily blogging platform. Instead you are now going to see posts coming straight into your Bloglovin subscription feeds at 7am every Monday, Wednesday & Sunday after a sneaky lie-in. Friday will continue to be my day for the weekly video and I’m hoping this new routine will help shake things up a bit. Christmas Day was the first day I hadn’t blogged since 22nd June 2013 when even then I would blog 6 days a week. I need to get out of the fear of my blog ending if I don’t post daily, the momentum isn’t what keeps things alive.

This is the first time I’ve really embraced my limits and not let them define my content. That daily blogging train can be a funny old beast and although I’m not saying everything will change overnight, it will be nice to feel more balanced in terms of priorities. This new schedule won’t come into action until the second week of Jan after my ‘Best of 2015’ week but hopefully you guys will like the new plan.

Before I end the longest blog post of all time let’s all take a moment for a big internet style hug, you are all incredible humans and I’m blessed that people still read and comment each day. Thank you all for everything and I love this little community with all my heart <3