Jumpers. You’d think those items of clothing would always fit into the category of ‘comfy and easy to purchase’ however come this time of year I struggle locating that perfect jumper. You see, chunky knits cause mass overheating on the tube however thin cotton leaves me grabbing for my scarf, gloves & hats in a bid to stay warm. Finding that perfect layer to battle away the cold becomes an annual struggle however this year, this year I think I’ve cracked it. Banana Republic! The one store that has solved all my jumper related woes. Why you ask? You see in this single store you get variation, texture, colour and style without handing over your life savings. For a tall gal especially I’m an official fan of their long lengths and flattering shapes that don’t leave you feeling like the Michelin man. I love it so much I managed to buy 5 jumpers in the space of a week. I’m sure I deserve a Guinness world record for that…

This Week I’ve Been…

Falling more in love with the city of London – even though I’ve lived in London all my life, I still adore this city. I get a rush of excitement every time I find myself along the Southbank and how could you not?! Just look at those gorgeous views

Getting an early morning boost of energy – with the colder weather and pressures at work mounting my daily intake of greens and nutrients has dropped. What better way to kickstart a new week then with a delicious smoothie?!

Perking up gloomy days – although those grey skies are sticking around I’ve been determined not to let that impact my makeup picks. I’ve still been reaching for my fav illuminating products and expect to see a little Autumnal makeup routine coming soon!

Swooning over powder – are there any words I need to say about this!? It’s gorgeous, overpriced yet worth every penny. Expect a full review soon :)

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