Although I’ve lived in London all my life (bar the 5 years + 2 years I spent in Bournemouth), I am still a complete tourist and fan girl at heart when it comes to this city. I just love the place! Each time I’m strolling along the South Bank, checking out the view from a plane up above or simply going out for brunch on a Sunday, I am instantly reminded of how breathtaking this city can be. Yes I have been lucky enough to take in the skyline on more than one occasion but nevertheless pop me by the river on a blissfully sunny day and you will see me snapping away until my hearts content.

I’m sure everyone feels this way about their hometown, mine just happens to be the centre of the capital with some of the most spectacular buildings you will ever encounter. Yes Oxford Street is full of tourists and public transport becomes near on impossible to use at the weekends but alas, it will never stop my heart from being 100% all about London.

Reasons why I adore this city:

  • It never sleeps. There is always something to do whether it be 8am on a Sunday morning or 2am on a Friday night
  • The capital is huge meaning there is quite literally something for everyone. Whether it be a gallery, market, food stall, restaurant, the city is your oyster
  • There is something new on every corner. Even the most plain looking street could be holding a secret gem or piece of history you never knew existed
  • Everyone around you loves it. I’m yet to see a single person walk along the Southbank without a beaming smile on their face
  • It’s encourages you to be creative. With the wealth of galleries, exhibitions with many you can access for free, London is their to inspire your creative side
  • It’s forever evolving. Whether that be a new skyscraper popping up along the skyline or a brand new bar you access via a detectives office, there is always something new and exciting to try
  • You can quite literally get anywhere. With the way the capital is connected via tubes, trains, bus, DLR, overground, each part of the amazing city is within grasp
  • The parks are breathtaking. You don’t have to be bustling along the smog of a busy highstreet to enjoy London, take a day out to explore a local park or grab a Borris Bike to head off to somewhere new
  • It’s just simply beautiful

Are you a lover of London like I am? Which is your favourite city to visit?