sunday share

Hangovers. That taboo word that instantly conjures up thoughts of drinking, dancing, sore feet and a fuzzy head. Yes when you say the word hangover you admit to drinking. Shocking right? I know it’s very un-PC to admit you do a ‘classic British binge’ and get drunk on a Saturday night. We should all be sophisticated ladies now that only partake in a glass of Chardonnay whilst at a friends dinner party aka actually tucked up on the sofa in fuzzy socks because going outside is far too much effort. Soz. That’s just not me. I’m still a party girl at heart and although those nights out are far less infrequent, doesn’t stop me from committing 100% when they do roll into town!

So, the question is, how do you survive a hangover past the age of 22?

  • Admit defeat. Let the hangover rule for a day. Besides, it’s been a long time since you’ve spent the day on the couch binge watching The Hills
  • Food. Food before you sleep and food when you awaken. Yes your choices of grub may not be something the likes of Natasha Corrett would recommend but you need to feed the hangover and if that involves three bowls full of pasta that is also okay ;)
  • Pjs. Wear them all day unless you simply have to leave the house in which case find those pair of leggings and oversized jumpers you have hidden away ready and waiting for a day like today
  • Don’t plan to be productive. That’s just foolish
  • Water by the bucket load and don’t stop
  • Hydrate your skin. Firstly, remove all the makeup you thought you had when you stumbled in proud that you could still stand and wipe something across your face. Secondly find all the hydrating mists, sprays, masks and slap them on
  • You may need to resort to paracetamol. This is ok. It isn’t a sign of weakness
  • Be prepared to not feel 100% come Monday. I know it’s hard to admit we don’t bounce back like we used it
  • Friends. If you can coax your friends into staying the night it means you get that blissful post night out chat in the morning, people to split a takeaway with and other humans spending the day in their pjs which makes everything right again

Hangovers. You are no fun but the nights out that caused you are so worth it :)