origins mask set

It’s no surprise I love Origins. It is also no surprise that I love their masks. Combine Origins, their masks and a gift set all in one product and you have me sashaying around the room like the salsa emoji lady. I introduce to you the Origins Mask Marvels Skincare Gift Set. OH BUDDY. So much excitement lives in this one product that I had to roll into the land of the bold font. It’s just necessary here guys ;)

You see in one single set you get the best of the Origins masks. Not just that, each mask is in cute mini size but not so mini that after two uses you will be cutting the bottle in half trying to scrap out whats left.  50ml of mask goodness is what you get and four of the best Origins masks can be yours for £30 (that would usually buy you one and a 1/3 full size bottles, knowledge drop!)

There is the classic Clear Improvement Charcoal mask to whip out all those impurities and leave your skin clean and clear in a single application. Having trouble with breakouts? Do not fear as  the Out of Trouble mask can be used all over or for targeted areas to reduce redness and banish those nasties. Feeling like your skin is dehydrated? Whack on the Drink Up Intensive Mask for a serious douse of all things hydrating. Finally, newbie on the market their GinZing Mask is ready to go on those mornings when you may not be feeling 100% and need some serious help to wake up your skin.

As you can see I can’t sing enough praises for these masks. Each one has been repurchased, I love them all dearly and as soon as I came across this set I whooped out loud whilst thanks the Origins bigwigs. Cheers guys