That’s right. I just declared my age on the Internet. An age that means I’m 2 years away from 30, I’m firmly in the over 25 age bracket and turning 18 was mere memories ago. So why am I talking about it on a beauty blog? It’s nothing but a number and I’ve never let it define me however it does result in change. Change that up until recently I hadn’t fully embraced. You see, for the first time, I feel like a adult. I said it. A fully fledged attempting to responsible but actually just wanting to sit and drink prosecco adult. That’s not a bad thing right? Yes responsibility is no fun however neither was exams or peer pressure in the hallways at school. I’m okay with my age and I actually quite like it.

Things I’ve learnt to accept being 28

  • That goal weight I would ‘one day’ reach is getting increasingly more unlikely however, I’m okay with that
  • I dress differently. Heck. I’m conservative now and worry for girls freezing outside a bar with nothing more than a napkin sized cloth to keep them warm
  • Comfort over style. I went there but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t rather a forgiving pair of jeans paired with an oversized jumper compared to a bodycon dress
  • You actually stop caring. What other people think, whether that outfit ‘works’, how many packet of maltesers you’ve consumed in the past month. It’s all relative ;)
  • You become an adult at work. Responsibilities increase, you have serious work conversations that at times cause mini outer body experiences where your younger self sniggers at you now playing as an adult
  • You understand that the life plan you once had is b****cks. Married with a baby by 22? Nice thinking young Siobhan
  • You spend money on adult things like car insurance, dental appointments. You even start seeing a hygienist say whaaat
  • Your skin will change. It’s about to get dry on you, oily worries are a thing of the past, stick now to anything hydrating

Although my adult realisations don’t make this time of your life sound overly thrilling, you find comfort and happiness in the small things. You grow closer to those group of friends you wouldn’t be able to survive without, they quickly become an incredible support network. That bond with your parents transitions into finally being able to look at them as fellow humans, not just parents that are there to occasionally nag. Also, you can finally embrace the ability to treat yourself without so much guilt. Don’t get me wrong some things will never change, you will still have nights where you roll in 4am the morning and those will still be some of the best nights, just remember to take an extra day to recover ;) Embrace your age! We all have the luxury of turning another year older so don’t grimace at those numbers, celebrate as how far you have come :)

On a side note, I’ve been debating doing a few ‘real talk’ videos over on my channel. A forum to chat about those things people our age wonder about or want to question. Let me know if you would enjoy seeing this and any topics you might want me to cover!