october favs

It’s official, there are only two months left in the year. October is done and dusted and after Halloween has passed, Christmas is on our doorsteps. WHAT THE MONKEY BUTT CHEEKS HAPPENED TO THE YEAR?!! Why is it that when you get older your days become filled with more boring and mundane task that seem to suck up all the time in world? It’s like some type of pesky adult time that is actually double the speed. Tis the only way I can process the fact 2015 is about to become a distant memory!

Time facts aside – let’s talk beauty. A round up of the latest products I’ve been loving and reaching for on the daily is the video drop for today. Although there is a super unseasonal favourite (oh hai SPF) this month is a rounded bunch featuring two coconut items I am truly in love with. Everyone get your heart eyed emojis and bank cards ready for this one! Let’s dive in… :)