I think I have officially uploaded my longest video to YouTube! I know, not a huge achievement considering I am still in my infancy when it comes to uploading, however I am still impressed that I’ve almost hit the 20 minute mark. Can I really talk for that long?! Guess it just shows how much I really love beauty ;)

For todays video it’s all about the stuff I hauled whilst I was out in the desert aka Dubai. Now although they have shopping malls aplenty, I’m looking more for a Vitamin D fix than I am a credit card splurge. Although I tried to walk around the tempting aisles with blinkers across my eyes, it just couldn’t be done. I simply had to shop!

Here I’ve got a mixture of duty free, Sephora, individual stores followed by more duty free. As I’ve tested out and used each product there is a little mini review thrown in there for free as well! Hope you enjoy :)