Another week, another instalment of the #AGAABBOnTheMove Moving Series! Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last video, so glad you found it as fun as I did to go through my old school pictures and stories. I really was a comic genius from a young age, anyone want to #braslut?!

This weeks video doesn’t have the same lols however it does document the momentous moving day. After almost a year of having the house on the market, going through countless viewings, furniture rearrangements not to mention the viewings we undertook for a future home, it came to the day where we waved goodbye to the only family home I’ve ever know.

It was emosh, not going to lie, and it probably didn’t help matters that I managed to experience an allergic reaction half way through the process! We are slowly getting settled into the new place, I give you a sneaky peak into my new surroundings and there is a lot of cat shots. Who doesn’t love a cat shot?! Hope you enjoy :)