You know you’re getting old when you can’t even hack a Friday night drinks and dinners with friends without having to see yourself off early so you can go and kip. This is now my life. Grand. My first full week back at work since the big delivery (having Mondays off was far too blissful) resulted in a fried brain. Luckily that holiday I kept sneaking in to each sentence is happening next week! I literally can not wait and am fully anticipating me sleeping through the majority of the trip. Ya know what? I’m totally okay with that. R&R I’m ready for ya! Also. Everyone get the 24th September in your diaries. Why? Scandal and Greys ARE BACK. Enough said. Excuse me whilst I run off to think about all the possibilities Shonda has been plotting to play with my precious heart. Let’s play nice this season yeah?

This Week I’ve Been…

Enjoying furry cuddles – with the cool breeze in the air my furry friend has been taken up refuge by the radiator. If that isn’t good enough I’ve found her sneaking back in my room this week to snuggle up for some warmth – something that I am more than okay with ;)

Devouring pancakes – if you’re a fan of pancakes like erm everyone! I highly recommend you hot foot your way down to Ben’s Canteen near Clapham. To find out more check out my blog post from last week

Utilising my desk-side beauty – on those rare occasions where I can stick to social plans post the work hour, my desk side beauty essentials finally come into play. That green bag I haul around on a daily basis gets put to some use so I can spruce up my makeup

Getting the snip! – the hair cut happened people! Finally! Feeling a tad brave early on a Saturday morning I said to the stylist, cut what needs to come off and add another inch to it. Hello short locks! So far I’ve really been loving the shorter cut, esp as it encourages me to whack out the straighter and get curling! Take a look at the new style here

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