new in vichy
new in vichy

Anyone remember the Vichy craze of 4 years ago when their Dermablend foundation reigned supreme and we would all religiously apply layer upon layer to mask our skin? Nope? Just me? Vichy was at the forefront of high coverage foundation, known for tattoo masking and that infamous viral campaign with Zombie Boy. If you needed something hiding, this was the stuff to use! Over the years I’ve moved away from those full coverage bases instead opting for those lightweight, dewy options. But that hasn’t stopped Vichy from busying away on new formulas and packaging…

You see, Vichy has gone through a bit of refresh. That once white bottle has been replaced with a black sleek design and now presents itself with the name Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation*. Still giving total coverage however this time with a natural and lightweight finish. At first, I was sceptical. Was it lightweight or did this still feel heavy and thick on the skin? Luckily I can report this matched the likes of my CT Light Wonder Foundation in terms of consistency yet still packs that full coverage punch.

A small amount blended out across the face masks those imperfections without giving a complete ghost like finish. To say I was left pleasantly surprised is an understatement. The foundation was blendable, only hovered around my dry chin and lasted all day. Although I may not reach for this on the daily, mixed in with a lightweight base it makes the perfect partnership to amp up your fav tinted moisturiser into a longer lasting option. Alongside the foundation also comes the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder*. Personally, this foundation doesn’t need a power on my skin, however it does work to lock everything in place for a few hours longer.

You’ll also spy a little pink pot in the mix. Meet the sleep skin Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep*. A jelly like textured evening moisturiser aimed at replenishing your skin throughout the night, this is achieved by mimicking the regeneration cycles that take place. Now even if you don’t manage to hit snooze enough times to secure eight blissful hours of sleep, your skin doesn’t have to pay the price. So far I’ve found this gives my skin a needed boost come the morning, looking visibly more plump and radiant even though I may not be feeling the same way.

Have you tried out any of these Vichy bits? You’ve also got a sneak peak of my new hair! Won’t go into too much detail here as a post all about it will be up tomorrow :)

*pr sample