oskia skincare
oskia skincare

Let’s get the formalities out the way, yes I’ve mentioned countless times how incredible Oskia are as a brand however that rave train isn’t leaving the station anytime soon. We’ve talked cleansers (just cracked open my third bottle) and masks (featured it in my September faves) but now it’s time to talk moisturisers. Before the year is out I’m about 85% sure I would have tried, tested and reviewed their entire line up from this skincare mecca but you know what, I’m 100% okay with that ;) Like I’ve said before Oskia have quicken risen as my top skincare brand and now my lineup is complete thanks to the addition of these two moisturisers.

Starting with the AM – meet the Nutri Active Day Cream*. When it comes to daytime moisturisers I’m a floozy, outrageous I know but I find I flit between brands and formulas unable to come across ‘the one’. At night I know I need nutrients, hydration, repairing ingredients but come morning my needs are less locked down. Luckily, Oskia have created a lightweight yet vitamin rich concoction that also contains hyaluronic acid, omegas 3 & 6 to leave your skin nourished and hydrated for the day ahead. Sitting perfectly under makeup this moisturiser counteracts any dry patches without leaving my t-zone oily.

For the evening – the big guns come out aka the Bedtime Beauty Boost*. Ready and charged to provide intense overnight care to repair skin exposed to daily external damages, prepare yourself for this boosters combination of hydrating, brightening and anti ageing properties. Awaken to skin that looks more plump, smooth and replenished, this is the first time I’ve found a cream based moisturiser to pack as many if not more fab hydrating properties compared to an oil.

Oskia you’ve done it again! I am yet to try a product I’ve been disappointed with and I quite honestly am having to restrain myself from having an Oskia only skincare routine. If you are looking to try out the brand my recommendation would be: start with the cleanser, move onto the mask, then grab the bedtime booster before snapping yourself up a daytime moisturiser. My skin is positively radiant thanks to it!

*pr sample