Throughout my five year celebration of AGAABB I know, five whole years! I realised I never did a look back post. I never cobbled together some photos from the past 1,300 published posts to bask in how much has really changed. This blog started with dodgy iPhone photos whilst my empty curry plate was sitting in the background. Colour accuracy was unheard of, instead it was a success if I manage to get the whole product in frame! I went from posting once a week, to posting 6 days a week, up to the current daily schedule. It’s been a long journey that can only rightfully be honoured in a few embarrassing photos.

  • Who remembers the purple cloth? The purple cloth that I was determined to use in every product pic, why? To create a brand of course! As you know all branding books and seminars start with the sentence ‘all good brands start with a purple cloth’ ;)
  • My hair. Oh yes although I don’t chat hair products on the daily as I rarely switch up what lives on the shelf in the shower I have changed my hair quite a bit through the lifetime of this blog. From long to short and brown to blonde with a brief period spent dancing around that oh so appealing yellow blonde shade
  • Everything then became white. It started with the trend of the flat lays which swiftly moved across into the white trend. Don’t get me wrong I have firmly jumped ship into the land of the white as things look oh so pretty across a clean crisp background
  • Trends. At the start, it was all about MAC. Now it’s all about niche brands and branching out into different formulas and colour palettes. I love how much variety you can now find within the beauty counters
  • Budget is sometimes best. Before I got into blogging I was a luxe sob. It’s okay – I can admit it. One thing that blogging has really opened my eyes to is just how many amazing products can be found on the highstreet sitting within Boots & Superdrug
  • Keep those purchases key. Sounds slightly backwards but I actually used to buy way more beauty products back before I first started this blog. You see I was an unsavvy shopper, simply buying based on the hype or trend as opposed to thinking about what suits me
  • Alongside unwise purchases that just left me with an empty wallet I also finally committed to my skin tone. That’s right, my teenage years was all about the think layers of orange foundation to completely mask my skin. Now you’ll see me just focusing a tinted base on my t-zone! Be clever with your application, listen to Lisa Eldridge and enhance those features instead of reshaping your entire face. You are beautiful no matter what :)