I have a confession to make. Remember when I said keep your body a temple when going through a busy period in your life? Well as soon as I uttered those words, my mantra flew completely out the window. I’m sorry what do you mean that skipping out on dinner and binge eating Nandos Peri Peri chips is a bad idea? I seriously have no idea what you are talking about. Just because I followed it up with a breakfast of chocolate chip and coconut cookies doesn’t mean I should be judged for my actions! But seriously. What is my life. Thank god for makeup and stretchy dresses!

This Week I’ve Been…

Jazzing up my accessories – when the suns out and I have a weekend off it’s time to crack out the accessorises, rock the sunnies with my weekend bag of choice. Let me know if you want me to do a ‘whats in my weekend bag’ video!

Sharing my daily makeup draw – after spotting this cute draw unit in Muji I immediately snapped it up. Initially I didn’t have a job for it but now it’s become my mini every makeup stash helping me to reach for the essentials on a daily basis

Indulging in chicken – I love chicken. I love it roasted, fried, breaded, any which way! If you find yourself in Bournemouth head to Chicken & Blues aka the best place to eat chicken. Just look at those sweet potato fries! And yes, thats halloumi. Praise the cheese gods

Becoming BFFs with a flamingo – remember last week I shared details of my interesting online purchase that resulted in me owning a 4ft inflatable flamingo? Well. I took the flamingo to the party and I’m so glad I did. Just look how happy the both of us are!

Loving a new mask – whenever a new Origins masks comes onto the scene I get all excited at the prospects of a new skincare wonder to blast imperfections away. The latest is this Original Skin* mask that promises to give your skin a deep clean whilst refining it’s texture. Get on my face now!

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