makeup cleaning

When you own a lotta makeup, one thing that becomes increasingly important is hygiene. How do you know those powders and liquids sitting away in draws are going to be okay for you to pop onto your face? Bacteria can run rife ew so knowing those sell by dates, keeping your brushes clean and owning a antibacterial makeup spray can be all the difference. Let’s get our clean on people!

You know those beautiful boxes of packaging that house our brand new pieces of makeup? They contain a little piece of information that can be key to knowing whether your makeup should be tossed. Oh yes, throwing makeup away! It’s a hard task to do believe me I know but if you want to ensure that old powder blush hasn’t gone off, it’s best to check. Mascaras should only stick around for 3 months, shadows can be around for a couple of years alongside blushers and powders. Lipstick can also have the same shelf life and a makeup wipe can help to clean up the bullet.

To aid in the cleanly processed I picked up the Pro Hygiene Collection Antibacterial Makeup Spray. This nifty little pot can be sprayed directly onto makeup to remove any bacterial you might not know is lurking around. Once a year I like to spray any old powders or shadows I haven’t used in a while so I know they are sitting there in pristine condition ready and waiting for when they get called to action.

Brushes are also a key component. Getting dabbed and swirled into products daily before being brushed across your face, this is the place where bacterial can run wild. Yes you are meant to clean them weekly whoops. Nothing fancy, either some baby shampoo, soap, whatever you prefer, just make sure you keep them clean otherwise those makeup products you love so dearly can become an unhygienic place. Now nobody wants that!