get ready with me

Looking at me getting all profesh YouTubery over here I kid I kid. Whilst over in Bournemouth (that now feels like forever ago) I packed up my camera and tripod to film a little GRWM video. Warning this doesn’t include any marble or luxe bed linen however it does show a pretty fantastic power shower from your good old Premier Inn! I must admit I’ve watched this video back about 20 times already as I love the little girly moment I’ve captured between my friend and I getting ready for a friends wedding. Reminds me of the good old Uni nights!

If there is anything shown or used in the video that you would like to see or know about in more detail just pop it in the comments below :) Dress is from Coast and shoes were a cheepy find from New Look, didn’t pinch my feet once throughout the night and it was the first time I had worn them. Good on ya New Look! Hope you enjoy the video!