That’s right people – 5 whole years! Today is officially the day where 5 years ago I opened up a little blogger account, got typing away on my laptop and hit publish on my very first post. This first entry had the witty title of ‘Welcome to my blog =)’ which was shortly followed up by a post three days later that was a rave about an OPI nail polish (as it was the first time I was trying out the brand). 5 years on and some traditions remain (weekly catchup posts I’m looking at you!) and I’ve ditched the dodgy iPhone pics for something a tad more high quality.  My hair has gone from long to short, brown to blonde however my love for makeup prevails. Thank you all for sticking with me, still reading my blog and welcoming me to the YouTube community. I love you all!


This Week I’ve Been…

Indulging in Obicå – if you’ve never been to Obica the Mozzarella Bar then what on earth are you doing!? With restaurants across London I encourage you to book a table stat so you can share in the enjoyment of some bloody good mozzarella. I mean what could be better than a bowl of burrata with a side of spicy dry salami on a Friday night?! Delicious

Snapping up sneaky purchases – last Saturday I had a bit of an online shopping moment. You know those days when you’ve been out shopping but couldn’t find anything you like so you come up and buy a tonne of makeup you don’t need. Just me? Part of that haul was this gorgeous Tom Ford Bronzer and some new MAC lippy products that will be featured on the blog soon

Oggling handbags – I’ve always adored handbags, even from a small child I would spy a new bag in a shop working out the ways I could afford to purchase it and make it mine. I still do the exact same thing but sadly the bags I now find myself oggling have some pretty hefty price tags!

Becoming BFFS with reality TV stars – Thursday night was surreal. I don’t know how or why but I got invited to a style summer party that will literally brimming with reality TV stars. I was in heaven! For most, this is their idea of a nightmare, however I was completely in my element and may have fangirled once or twice with Holly from Geordie Shore. It’s okay now though as we are totes best friends ;)

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