Ah those blissful Saturday mornings when the sun is shining, the weather is on your side and you want nothing more then a patch of grass in a park to snooze on. For once I don’t have many plans this weekend, instead my focus will be getting my laptop fixed (yay trackpad issues) and trying to get ahead in term of some blog/video planning – let me know if there is anything you would like to see! I am officially hooked on this season of American BB (don’t judge me) and but if I can keep myself away from the online forums it will be a weekend of YouTube catchup. My favourite :)

This Week I’ve Been…

Admiring London views – isn’t London just glorious! Whether it’s night or day the views are simply breathtaking. Even though I’ve lived here all my life I never tire of them

Speeding up my moisturising routine – anything that makes that getting ready process in the morning a tonne easy is worth a try in my books! These spray moisturisers speed up the process whilst keeping my skin soft, supple and smooth

Indulging in ice cream – oh baby this was good. Scoop is officially my favourite place for an ice cream indulgence and just look at their flavours! Someone please bring me on stat!

Picking pretty pastel nail varnishes – there is just something about a collection of Essie polishes that looks simply gorgeous. Yes technically three of those colours look pretty identical but it’s fine! Totally justifiable ;) Now I just need to pick which one to use!

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