beauty detox

As I mentioned yesterday the past couple of days have been spent in the gorgeous seaside town of Bournemouth. A place that will forever remain special in my heart, this is where I went to University, spent five years of my life becoming an adult and is also where I returned to kickoff my career. Whenever I get a chance to head back to my old stomping ground it brings back happy memories. I love re-exploring that place where I once lived and seeing what has or hasn’t changed over the years. This visit was in the diary due to a friends wedding, a fantastic evening that was spent dancing with old friends whilst letting my hair down. To really embrace our University youth we even did that unheard of thing of going out two nights in a row, storm and all, who do we think we are?!

Although on the outside we embraced that lost vitality of youth, after two days I was quite simply knackered. Struggling to keep my eyes open all I wanted was a big soft bed and duvet to hide under with no alarm clock for the next 48 hours. Alongside needing to catchup on some kip I also embraced a mini detox routine to rehydrate my face and body. Essential after a few days of indulgence, this routine enables me to wash away the cobwebs whilst getting ready for a busy week ahead. Following these simple steps makes a world of difference, who said my youth was over ;)

  • Rehydrate – get that water down you! Before drifting off to the land of nod and as soon as you rise in the morning, get drinking that water. There is nothing worse then feeling dehydrated as it instantly shows in your skin and face. Fill up a bottle, keep it with you throughout the day and get yourself rehydrated
  • Bath – run yourself a bath. Either with your favourite bath bomb or simply with a bottle full of bubbles, get the hot tap running and dip yourself into a warm bath to wash away any tension or tiredness in your muscles
  • Mask – instead of an intense Sunday style triple threat facial, I go in with one key multipurpose mask to bring back the radiance whilst banishing any imperfections that want to rear their ugly head
  • PJs – obviously it’s PJ time. Yes this may result in me waltzing round the house in polka dot pjs at 4pm in the afternoon but I say embrace it. You will never find any pj shame round these neck of the woods!
  • Unpack – as much as you want to bury your case and everything inside it for the foreseeable future, zip it open. It’s a chore that nobody enjoys but it has to be done, get all up inside that suitcase and put everything away so as soon as you rise from your nap aka longass sleep it’s done and dusted
  • Netflix – don’t pretend you are about to become your most productive self, you won’t. Call the rest of the day a write off, catchup with the latest OITNB with toast Norma and if you really way to ensure you wake up the next day fully rested, snuggle down with your BBF and mine, Ben & Jerry
  • Exercise – you thought we were done? Think again! After a day of R&R it’s time to dust off those gym shoes and get your heart beating. Either go to a Psycle class, roll out a Yoga matt or jog along the river. Getting yourself a bit hot and sweaty removes those remaining toxins in your body so you are fighting fit for the day ahead

What are your favourite things to do after an indulgent weekend? How do you recuperate?