Honesty alert – at the moment I am struggling. Are you allowed to admit that in the 21st Century? Aren’t we just meant to handle everything and not complain? Well right now it’s a little too much. I’ve been open about the fact I work in a demanding job and I’ve always loved the face that my blog is my happy place, where I know I can escape the daily grind and talk about the things I love, but at the moment I feel frustrated that I can’t dedicate the time I want to and used to. I’m hoping that a state of rebalance and refocus will appear but until that point arrives I hold my hands up and admit it’s impossible to do it all #dammit Onwards and upwards aye!

This Week I’ve Been…

Relaxing in the sunshine – last weekend the weather in the UK was simply glorious. Bright white sunshine, clear blue skies it was a dream! To celebrate the warmer weather I headed out for lunch with my friend and our mums for a spot of lunch along the river!

Giving a new trio of masks a whirl – when I spied this mini set online at Sephora it was one of the first things I hunted out when I head to the States. Already a fan of the Cucumber Mask I was keen to give the other two a go without needing to buy the full-size pots. The perfect mask introductory set!

Reaching for all the makeup – long days at work means lack of sleep and epic tired bags on my face the next day. To combat them I’ve been reaching for all the makeup in an attempt to portray a more well slept persona

Swooning over Kate Spade – how do they make everything in Kate Spade just so darn beautiful?! From their handbags through to the jewellery range, everything is a delight and it makes me want to embrace all the bright colours whilst prancing around in the sunshine

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