Seems obvious right, a beauty junkie being a fan of a store that stocks some of the best beauty brands from around the world. All within a gorgeously lit and designed store that also offers a pretty fab loyalty scheme that gives you £5 after ever £100 you spend (happens more often then you think!) When it comes to indulging in a new makeup item or revamping my skincare routine, chances are the first place your will find me in is SpaceNK. Without that department store style counters pushing their brand and latest product on you, SpaceNK doesn’t work on a commission based system meaning the sales assistants and makeup artists are quite literally there to help.

Yesterday I headed over to the Kingston branch with my best friend who is also a bride to be. Being a person who doesn’t naturally wear makeup I suggested a bridal trial at SpaceNK so she could get a feel for what she might want to wear on the day. The overall experience was one of the best makeovers I’ve seen, she was transformed into a glowing bride who still looked natural, all whilst I sat with bated breath writing down everything the MUA was saying. With some of the best brands gracing the four walls you are able to pick and choose products without feeling pressured. Instead of sales targets being the focus, you are able to find what works for you without the stress.

I’ve encountered a couple of pushy assistants in my time which results in me usually ignoring my wish list and bowing out for that day, however compared to a big department stores I find the overall experience to be far more relaxing and friendly. It can still seem a daunting shop, there is a heck of a lot of products to peruse and price tags can reach the ouch point fairly quickly, however if you’re a beauty junkie, want to treat yourself or just want to see what all the fuss is about, I recommend popping in or setting up a trial to give the store a whirl :)

My favourite SpaceNK store has to be the Knightsbridge branch closely followed by the Kings Road mecca then the Kingston one. Which is your favourite store to visit?