huntington vlog

Hold the phone – I’m posting a video on a Wednesday?! I know right, not even 6 months into this YouTube thing and already I’m showing off with a midweek video ;) Who do I think I am aye! To round off the holiday footage I wanted to upload the clips from the second part of our trip. After Santa Monica we drove down to Huntington Beach and indulged in a lot of pool time, even more cheesecake and a whole heap of shopping that wiped out my bank balance.

Whilst along the coast we also took a drive over to Disneyland. Yes this meant we arrived on the day the park was open for 24 hours whilst kicking off their 60th anniversary celebrations but it was still a fab day and meant we could grab a meal at our favourite Mexican restaurant, Tortilla Joes. The vibe in Huntington is super relaxed we made the most of sitting back and relaxing in the gorgeous sunshine.

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