One week before holiday time people! It’s official. It’s happening and I couldn’t be more excited. Today is the big pamper day before I jet off. I’m talking manicures, pedicures, eyebrow threading and hair colouring. It’s a tough life being a woman ;) Usually I have a couple of days before heading to the airport to fit in my primping and preening however to use as little holiday as possible I fly next Saturday. This may mean that I am panic packing already but secretly it’s just because I love being super organised. Sunshine here we come!

This Week I’ve Been…

Enjoying the sites of London – considering I’ve lived in London all of my life I still act like a tourist and get that buzz of excitement each time I see the sites. There isn’t much more beautiful then the Embankment when standing out over Waterloo Bridge. This is a snap of London Bridge at night and it’s just a beaut – London it’s official. You are blooming great!

Snapping up a beauty box – knowing I had a holiday in the diary, a bundle of minis was right up my street. As soon as I spied this Space NK Beauty Box I quickly snapped it up without a moments hesitation. I had a feeling it sold out pretty sharpish but for the first box from the brand I’m loving it’s edited selection of beautiful minis and bundle of goodies

Editing my cat – nothing quite like popping a moustache on your cat! She is as that age where she always looks unimpressed when I make a fuss of her. To hide her lack of enthusiasm during her latest photoshoot I edited in a new addition to her face ;)

Failing at poached eggs – as I am officially hooked on poached eggs sitting on a bed of spelt and honey bread with mashed avocado on top, I gave this dish a whirl at home and epically failed. Don’t get me wrong it tasted delicious but there wasn’t a runny yolk in sight. Sad times

Admiring my fav moisturiser in it’s new limited edition form – skincare mecca Origins have released their GinZing Moisturiser in a new limited edition super size. That’s right a whole 3 extra weeks of energy boosting goodness for only £25

Eating pancakes – to prepare me for my looming trip to the States I’m getting my pancake eating practice in early. This batch is from Jackson & Rye and are the perfect way to start off your day

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