bags be gone

Under eye concealers are key to my makeup routine. Without them it would be bag city, all you would see passing you by is prominent dark circles protruding from my face. No joke. Because of my struggles with those genetic blue tones I’ve always kept my concealers separate. Needing two very different things, a standard concealer just won’t do the trick. Instead I reach for those that contain the all important illuminating properties that counteracts dark blue circles whilst helping to fake the appearance of a good nights sleep. I often chop and change the concealers I use, forever on the hunt for something better and more brightening, but I’ve built up a pretty good collection that are fab at keeping those bags at bay.

Budget – in the past I’ve struggled with budget options. Either the shade selection or formulation didn’t sit right and I never managed to find one I liked. That was until I tried the Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi Concealer in the shade 02 Nude. Lightweight in formula and with a yellow finish, this counteracts the blue tones whilst helping to keep the area looking brighter and more awake.

Illuminating – for a slightly pinker option try the Clinique Airbrush Concealer in the shade 01 Fair*. This is the most illuminating of the bunch thanks to it’s light reflecting properties that are perfect when I’ve had a late night. Shadows are hidden whilst the area is left looking perfected and flawless. On those days when my eyes look nothing but tired, this knocks them back into place without required a bucket load of product.

All Rounder – the longest standing under eye concealer I’ve used comes from Smashbox in the form of their Camera Ready BB Cream Eyes in Fair*. With the perfect mix of brightening yet concealing properties this really does give you the best of both worlds. When I don’t know what to reach for or just need an extra pep in my step, I can count on this little wonder product to keep my eyes looking refreshed.

Luxury – the most luxury under eye concealer I’ve used has to be Aerins Eyelight Concealer in 01 Light*. With a golden applicator that cools the area whilst you apply the product, this is the most pigmented product of them all and gives the biggest boost of yellow coverage. When my bags require a heavier duty option, the smallest amount of this concentrated concealer banishes all imperfections. Both cooling and hydrating in application this gives those bags a touch of luxury during those early mornings.

Do you struggle with dark bags under your eyes? What are you fail safe products to use?

*pr sample