luxury mascara
luxury mascaras

Breaking news, I’ve been upping my mascara game! I know, it’s about time that I step away from the norm, embrace the new and give something different a whirl on my lashes. What can I say, with certain aspects of my makeup routine I become a creature of habit. I’ve been burned by raves in the past and once I fall for a product, I’m pretty darn good at sticking to it. That being said, it doesn’t make for the most inspiring of posts ;) Today I am breaking free of my mascara comfort blanket and taking a step into unchartered territory. Three mascaras are being put to the test, all part of the luxury spectrum so lets see how they fare up!

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara*

I’m kicking things off with a rave, which, considering how much I’ve talked about this on the blog since getting it, is no surprise. Brace yourselves as I think I’ve found my new mascara love. If you’re looking for volume, length and long lasting super black finish – this is the one for you. I’ve never been overly fussy with mascaras, happy with the ones in my collection and loyal to the ones I know work well, it’s takes a lot for me to be persuaded to try elsewhere but since giving this a whirl, I can’t see me going back!

Aerin Lengthening and Volumising Mascara*

Although from the packaging through to the price tag this little gem of a mascara screams luxury, it’s the perfect everyday coating for your lashes. Giving a natural flutter that is wearable yet coats every lash, for my first mascara trial from the Aerin brand I am suitably impressed. As you can see from the three pictures it appears to have the least impact, however for an everyday mascara this gives you everything you need without causing your lashes to clump or appear sparse.

Code Beautiful Volumising Mascara*

Finally we have this odd little addition. From a brand I’ve never heard of before, the marketing spiel behind the product promises great things. Promoting a revolutionary fibe based mascara to enhance the lashes, although the pictures looked impressive, the product sadly wasn’t. I found the mascara to have little impact on my long lashes and didn’t manage to create extra volume of length. From the price down to the uninspiring packaging I struggled to get along with the formula and found the brush to be extremely stiff and hard to use. Sadly this wasn’t a win and not something I would be reaching to use again.

Have you tried any of these mascaras before? What is your current favourite?

*pr sample