be ahead to blog?

How’s that for a misleading title fokes! Gotta admit I struggled to come to up with a catchy header to sum up my thoughts today. Oh yes, I’ve been engaging my brain and having a good old think about things! A few topics have been milling around my mind in regards to the ‘necessity of jumping on the bandwagon’ when it comes to blogging/vlogging. I’m not taking about follow the leader here, instead I’m referencing that inherent conveyor belt of new launches and products that we are manically running alongside trying to keep up. How’s your bottomless pit of money treating you? In order to survive in this dynamic blogging world it’s easy to become swept up in the need to always be promoting the latest and the greatest thing.But do you really have to?

Juggling a blog alongside a job means I’m not at the forefront of breaking news, neither am I overly present on social media. Yes I wish I could dedicate more to my little online space but that would involve me giving up sleep. Soz guys. I love sleep too darn much. I’m also not a spring bean within the internet world, I don’t have a white marble bathroom nor a stylish boyfriend on my arm making each day look Pintrest worthy. But does that mean I can’t survive in this industry? Is it really impossible to juggle a career and a hobby? Hasn’t society progressed to allow people to focus on more than one thing? I admit it can be a struggle when you don’t always have something new to talk about or you just feel out of the loop compared to everyone else. Can I warrant a post out of that dodgy looking compact thats been sitting at the back of my cupboard collecting dust? Thought not.

Personally my favourite blogs are those that are creative with their stash and their content. The age of the traditional one product beauty reviews are bypassing us and I like to think audiences are diverse enough to not gravitate towards this one feature. Maybe I’m wrong or maybe there is just enough space for everyone to do this a little bit differently. I say all hail the diversity, embrace those not sticking to the norm and appreciate what else that person behind the persona might also be doing. I’ve finally stepped into the world of YouTube after talking myself out of it for the past few years and it’s giving me the ability to embrace the fact that it and myself isn’t perfect. I love my blog and I love my job – that’s okay…right?