Holy moly people what is actually going on here?! Do my eyes deceive me? Have I actually sat in front of a camera and filmed a video? Not only that – I’m now putting said video live on the Internet?! Hold on for one moment whilst I sit down and catch my breath – this is all getting a bit too much for me.

Before I get too carried away and start regretting my decision to finally venture out into the world of video, here it is. My attempt to form a structured sentence out loud, whilst recording myself. All sounds a bit weird right? Hopefully it isn’t and you guys enjoy this new venture, I’ve still got a bundle to learn so be kind :) Hope you enjoy! …runs away and hides from embarrassment

BTW when you are reading this post the video won’t be live – I know I’m such a tease! Head back to my channel at 10am to enjoy the fruits of my labour. Here’s the link!